Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy as a Bee

*Original post: June 17th*

I am in the process of planning my best friends baby shower!  I've been wanting to post about some of the projects I'm doing and time just keeps flying by. So I'm stealing a minute to give a quick update.

As much as I love to create and craft I think I might love to plan parties just a smidgen more.  It incorporates all the things I love.  I get to create, craft, cook, style and most of all make someone I love feel special.  I have been planning this shower in my head for years and now it's finally happening.  In fact it's happening next Saturday!  I have a ton to do but it's coming along really nicely.

The theme is "Little Lady Lovebug".  My friend and her hubby have called each other LoveBug since I can remember so what could be cuter than a little love bug:) I'm describing the style as Mod Shabby Chic with bright colors that POP. Lots of bright flowers, jute ribbon, mason jars and lots of other fun accouterments!

I've been working on a few canvas signs that are super cute...lovebug garden patch, 100% made with love, love notes and sharing is caring.  The momma-to-be is welcome to take any of the signs home for the nursery or playroom.  If they don't match her decor I'll be opening my Etsy shop with them very soon:)

I was hoping to give a play by play on how I've made these little beauties but alas it just didn't happen this time.  I'll get better about taking pictures and posting I promise.

Hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the awesome dads in their lives! We've created a few special things for ours.  I'll be back once the party is over with a full story and pictures too!


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