Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Northern Lights

Tonight I looked around at my messy house and then I looked at my amazing kids. And for the first time it all felt exactly how it's supposed to be.  For the first time I wasn't feeling stressed or annoyed by the jungle that our home has become.  Everything was exactly how it's supposed to be when you've got a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

I want to remember this moment forever. 

I want to remember on the crazy days when laundry, dishes, dirty sinks, stinky diapers, broken toys, books, crushed cheerios, sticky lollipops, tantrums, and a big dog following me everywhere feel like vines strangling the jungle.

I want to remember to breath...and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE that I can with these incredible littles that my love and I created!

They are growing so fast!

They are amazing!

I don't want to miss the big stuff because I'm sweating the little stuff!

Before the kids went to bed tonight we FINALLY replaced the batteries in our star light turtle.

Me: "why did we take so long to do this? it's so awesome!"
little dude: "because we just forgot, it's ok let's just enjoy it."

I've always loved to look at the stars! When I was younger I had a convertible, a nissan 240sx, loved that car.  One of my favorite memories in the car was putting the seat back with the top down, looking at the stars and listening to music.  I told the kids about that tonight.  I played the song I loved playing when I looked at the stars in my car called Northern Lights.

little dude: "I love your music mom."
Me: "I had a feeling you would buddy"

The three of us snuggled and star gazed.

We saw the moon.

We saw the smile faces in the stars.

We talked about art.

We changed the color of the stars.

We breathed.

We listened...

Me:"This is one of the best moments of my entire life...I love you both so much."
little dude: "Mine too...I love you mommy."
little miss: (muffled from the binki) "me too guys"


Our life is not perfect, really whose is? It's chaotic and messy. Exactly how it should be! I am so blessed and lucky. This I will always remember!

Do something special with your little munchkin today, forget about EVERYTHING and just focus on them. You will be so glad you did!


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